AR-B8020, Low Cost, PC/104+ SBC with RDC 8610 133MHz

ACROSSER Technology proudly presents the AR-B8020, a low power PC/104+ Single Board Computer.
Many Industrial Automation (IA) systems need a low cost, stable x86 based PC/104+ single board computer. However, many of the original low end x86 CPU processors are currently being phased out; for example, CPU’s such as the ALi 6117C, STPC ATLAS and SiS Vortex86 are becoming scarcely, if at all, available. Although these distinguished products had a long life cycle, these CPU’s are now End of Life (EOL).
Due to the recent EOL announcement on the above listed CPU’s, ACROSSER has developed the AR-B8020 to meet the demands of those still in need of these low power devices. The RDC is a reliable, long-life CPU that not only meets our customers’ performance requirements, but also their low cost targets. For these reasons, Acrosser choose the RDC 8610 to be the core of the AR-B8020.
AR-B8020 is a Single chip solution (CPU and Chipsets), providing quality performance in a low cost format. Also the small PC/104+ form factor facilitates integration into compact environments.

Product Specifications:
 CPU from RDC 8610 133MHz 32bit.
 Meet PC/104+ Standard:
AR-B8020 is designed on PC/104+ form factor (90 x 96 mm or 3.5” x 3.8”.) with on-board PC/104 and PCI-104 connector for expansion boards.
 Software Compatibility: Compatible with DOS, Linux and Windows CE.
 Complete I/O Support:
 2 * USB 2.0
 1 * 10/100 Ethernet
 3 * COM ports (1 * RS-232, 2* RS-232/485)
 1 * FDD, 1 x 44pin IDE
 1 * 8 bit GPIO

AR-B8020 is available starting early October 2007. For more information, please contact ACROSSER Technology, ACROSSER USA, and ACROSSER worldwide resellers in your area.

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