Vehicle Applications - Powerful and Versatile Fanless In-Vehicle PC

Vehicle Applications - Powerful and Versatile Fanless In-Vehicle PCACROSSER Technology announces the release of a new Fan-less Core 2 Duo In-Vehicle PC to the market – AR-V5430FL series. AR-V5430FL designed with innovative thought which is especially for In-Vehicle applications like Fleet management, Telemetric and location globalizing. Built with industry renowned ACROSSER thermal technology, AR-V5430FL is capable of utilizing the powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor operation in dust proof, and completely enclosed chassis without paying higher cost in less powerful ULV processor like others. Yet, AR-V5430FL is fully compliant with in-vehicle computer application such as E-Mark Certification (E-13).
To execute the every day mission critical task on road, AR-V5430FL has many unique designs built in. The Intelligent Power Module, with a wide range DC power input of 9V to 32V and embedded is a Micro Processor that provides following features:
1. System Off delay time: 8 user selectable preset delay time for different purpose.
2. Power on/off retries: It will perform 3 times of boot up or shut off the system if system on/off process failed in order to assure system operate normally,
3. Power input monitoring: Continuous monitoring DC input voltage to prevent accidentally drain out car battery. The system will not boot up if car battery voltage is lower than 11.2V. If car battery is lower than 10.8V while system at operation, it will properly shut down the system automatically to keep battery alive.
4. LED indicators represent system status.
5. Remote control: 2 options to power on or shut down the system, by car ignition or remote control.
All of above functions are controlled by micro controller which can be customized based on ODM customer requirement.
In addition, AR-V5430FL has excellent mechanical design to adapt high environment endurance. AR-V5430FL is certified to operate under Vibration 3G (follow IEC60068-2-64) and shock 50G 11ms (follow IEC60068-2-27).
To fulfill the highly demand from telematics application, AR-V5430FL can integrate the optional GPS/GPRS/WiFi module inside the system. With these modules, AR-V5430FL became more effectively in managing your business.
Moreover, there is a marvelous mechanical design for frequent transportable application. There are two fixed ring in each side which AR-V5430FL can be installed and detached from the bracket easily. On the contrary, there is also fixture that fix AR-V5430FL securely.
AR-V5430FL features:
o Intel 945GME+ICH7 support up to Intel Core2Duo T7400
o Intelligent Power module
o Fan-less design with Heat pipe
o Dual Display: VGA, DVI
o RS-232 interface:2*External, 2*Internal
o USB x 3, Mic-in/Speaker,
o Storage: CF card / 2.5’’ HDD bay
o GPIO Board, 4 in / 4 out
o Optional module: GPS / Wireless LAN / GPRS module
o Expansion : PCI-104
o Changeable Fuse design
o I/O on one side
ACROSSER has launched the outstanding AR-V5430FL in End of August 2009. To make your business smarter and more effective, AR-V5430FL is the best choice you have. For more information, please visit or contact ACROSSER Technology, ACROSSER USA, and ACROSSER worldwide resellers in your local area.
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