Acrosser Launches a New PCI/104+ Solution -AR-B8020

Acrosser Launches a New PCI/104+ Solution -AR-B8020There are many industrial applications only need 386 or 486 level CPU to execute basic industrial applications.  Nowadays those low cost processors has been phased out from the market, system integrators are forced to spend more cost on new platforms which are expensive and over requirements.  For example, the current X86 CPU clocks are all over 600MHz. and form factor sizes are bigger than 3.5”. They are either too expensive or too big for simple industrial applications.

Industrial application can also choose RISC platform beside X86 to decrease the platform costs. But, they need to spend more manpower and time to develop dedicated RISC operation system.  For small and middle size projects, it is very difficult to afford these extra investments and time costs.

Acrosser Technology Co. Ltd is recently announces it’s PC-104 CPU module AR-B8020 entry-level platform.   This PC-104 CPU board is X86 software structure with high cost performance ratio.  The followings are AR-B8020 brief introduction:

High reliability CPU (RDC R8610 supporting 133MHz)
Compatible with X86 S/W structure
64MB onboard SDRAM memory
PC/104 and PCI-104 expansion slots for future expansions
Small PC-104 form factor (90mm * 96mm)
Fanless design for rugged environment
Storage --- 128MB flash memory, 1 * FDD + 1 * IDE (or CF card adapter)
Networking --- 1 * 10/100Mbps LAN
I/O --- 2 * USB 2.0 + 3 * COM
Competitive prices and superior performances

AR-B8020 also supports Linux that is one of the most powerful and reliable O/S.  In order to save installation time and avoid any problems, Acrosser Technology Co. Ltd bundles the AR-B8020 with free Linux package. Customers only put this Linux package CD to finish all of the following Linux installation procedures!

Facilitating FreeDOS on your board.
Partitioning a primary disk on your board.
Formatting the primary disk on your board.
Initiating a Linux operating system on your board.
AR-B8020 is ready for customers’ instructions.

The AR-B8020 Linux package is free-of-charge and bundles with AR-B8020.  For more information about AR-B8020 or Linux package, please contact ACROSSER Technology, ACROSSER USA, and ACROSSER worldwide resellers in your local area.

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