Acrosser launched PCI-104 CAN bus, SRAM and Digital I/O module

Acrosser launched PCI-104 CAN bus, SRAM and Digital I/O moduleTaipei Taiwan, 2010 August - Acrosser Technology launches the AR-B104D PCI-104 interface CAN bus, 24 channel digital I/O and SRAM module. The AR-B104D provides most of the features required in automation and in-vehicle applications. The CAN bus controller on AR-B104D confirms to BOSCH spec CAN 2.0B ACTIVE. It provides reliable communication up to 1 M bps baud rate with simple wiring. The CAN controller handles error detection and re-transmission which simplified the programming. The 12-channel digital inputs of AR-B104D provide not only optical isolated general purpose input function; they are also able to be a counter input. User don’t have to handle state change event when he has to count the pulses come into the digital input. Beside of this, the 12-channel 500 mA digital outputs can operate as an automatic pulse generators as well as general purpose outputs.

In many applications, there are some critical data has to be written real time and very frequently into a reliable storage which shall not lost data when external power is suddenly disconnected. Battery backed up SRAM memory is the best choice for this application because of its fast access and unlimited write cycles characteristics. The AR-B104D is also equipped with 512K bytes battery backed up SRAM memory. It can operate as solid state disk as well as general purpose memory.

The free software development kit comes with the AR-B104D package. It includes device drivers, API, sample code, demo program and software programming guide to support Window and Linux operation systems.
The detail information can be found in Acrosser web site.

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