Acrosser Technology announces two latest in vehicle computers for entry-level and high performance applications

Along with Fanless In Vehicle Computer AR-V6002FL Acrosser Technology has won the great success to become the leading designer and manufacturer of in-vehicle computer.

Today Acrosser launches two latest Fanless Telematics In Vehicle Computer AR-V6005FL and AR-V6100FL after his success in booming telematics market.

As the successor of AR-V6002FL, AR-V6005FL is equipped with Intel Atom E640 processor and Intel EG20T PCH chipset for low power consumption and entry-level vehicle applications. In addition to standard industrial PC I/O interfaces such as VGA/DVI display, Ethernet, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth and RS-232/485, AR-V6005FL also features intelligent in vehicle power management, CAN bus, Digital I/O, i-Button (One Wire), GPS and 3.5G wirelesses.

Another powerful successor of AR-V5403FL, AR-V6100FL is embedded with Intel HM65 chipset and FC988PGA socket to support Intel Core i7 2710QE/i5 2510E/i3 2330E/ Celeron B810 processor. Based on Intel powerful 2nd Generation Sandy Bridge Core i CPU , AR-V6100FL is a powerful industrial-grade computing solution for all vehicle application, such as Fleet management, vision procession, Telemetric, Traffic safety control and numerous other vehicles. To use in rugged environment, AR-V6100FL is capable of operation at -20°C to 60°C and can withstand vibration up to 2G (follow IEC60068-2-64) and shock up to 50G 11ms (follow IEC60068-2-27).

To meet the harsh power environment in the vehicles, Acrosser AR-V6005FL and AR-V6100FL in vehicle computers are both with the power subsystem can be fully protected by over-voltage, over-current and surge protection which make them comply with E-Mark and ISO-7637 in-vehicle power standard. All these features make Acrosser’s in vehicle computer the most suitable platform for all kind of vehicles such as Taxi, cab, truck, bus and heavy-duty vehicles.

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